With the cold snaps of the winter hopefully receding into the past, could now be the ideal time to think about selling your property and moving house? Traditionally, the weeks between March and May represent one of the year’s busiest periods for home sales, and there are numerous benefits to putting your place on the market at this time of year, some of which you may not have previously considered.

So why is spring such a great time to sell?

Of course, it’s not the only time of year people move. But you could well find yourself a buyer more promptly in springtime, thanks to the bigger pool of potential purchasers – and therefore command a better price for your home. Here’s why:

  • More of us are out and about more

People tend to spend more time outside at this time of year. And so they’ll be more likely to spot houses and see yours in daylight. So you boost your chances of finding a purchaser more promptly. Spring can be highly energising, with more people more prepared to go out house-hunting during the milder months.

The weather even means that, for example, people may feel more confident about moving day itself, since no one wants to move house when it’s dark, cold or wet.

  • A good time to spruce up your home

The spring is a great time to do any external repairs so that your home looks its best. Whether you’re repainting windows or jet-washing the driveway, now is the perfect season to boost what estate agents like to call the kerb appeal of your property. It will mean people gain that all-important excellent first impression when they see your property for the first time. (Most buyers have made their mind up on a place after spending just 10 minutes there.) Your garden and outdoor space should be looking their best once spring has sprung.

  • It fits around the school year

If the people buying your house or flat have young children, spring is a particularly good season in which to make their move. There is plenty of time before the academic year starts in September to enrol the kids in school.

How can I get my home to a point where it’s ready to sell?

  • Declutter and clean

If a place is very cluttered, it’s difficult for a viewer and prospective buyer to imagine what it would be like as their home. So while the property doesn’t have to be empty, exactly, it’s always worth minimising personal knick-knacks and items such as photos and tidying them out of the way.

In the bathroom, put away toiletries as much as you can, and keep kitchen worktops clutter-free.

Equally, do a deep clean to freshen the property up for viewers. And, again, it’s all about the first impressions that someone has when they cross the threshold into your home. Clean the windows while you’re about it.

  • Painting and repairs

Fix any maintenance issues before you start to book in viewings. It’s worth giving tired walls a fresh lick of paint if you can. This will certainly make a place feel more vibrant. You may be surprised at how much difference even a small amount of effort can make – and you don’t have to go for a full renovation.

  • Lighten up

Try to book daytime viewings so that people quite literally see your property in a good light. Have statement lighting in key rooms, for example via table or floor lamps. Large mirrors also create an illusion of space, even in smaller areas such as hallways.

  • Showcase your storage

This is an important aspect of a home, and something that people will be looking for. So show if off, for example with accent lighting and by ensuring your shelving and similar storage spaces appear uncluttered. Make a point of telling viewers where they can keep their things.

  • Choose a good estate agent

Do your research, as you would when choosing anything else. Be sure to read customer reviews as this a way to see an unbiased insight into the service the agent provides. Be clear on what they offer, and find out how long they’ve been operating in your area. Look for a proactive approach and evidence of clear, concrete steps for getting offers on your property.

It’s also worth asking about membership of professional organisations such as Propertymark. This gives confidence that the agent has the right qualifications and will provide a high level of service.

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