Landlord Services

We will adapt our services to suit the needs of each Landlord. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you choose to be, our team are there to assist you and your Tenants every step of the way.



Whether you are a Landlord looking for an agent to simply find you a Tenant or a Landlord who wants an agent to let the property and manage the tenancy, we are the agent for you.

Our Let Only service is really well suited to Landlords who have the time and knowledge to manage the Tenancy themselves, we will market the property, reference the Tenants then from once the Tenants have moved in we hand the reigns back to you.

For Landlords who wish to deal with management but don’t want to be involved in the financial side of things our rent collection service would be best suited, we find our Landlords like that if the Tenants do have difficulties paying we are there to resolve the matter without the need for the Landlord to have what is often a difficult conversation.

Our most popular service by a far is our Fully Managed, Oakfield take over all aspects of the day to day management from collecting the rent to organising maintenance or being there to deal with an emergency no matter when it occurs!

Landlord Services
Additional services

Additional services

As well as finding a Tenant there is a lot of other factors that go into Letting and managing a rental property Oakfield can assist you with all of these. Whether it is organising an inventory detailing the condition of the property when the Tenants move in, registering the deposit to ensure it complies with all the legislation that surrounds the holding of a Tenants deposit or carrying out a mid term visit we offer all of this to our Landlords.

At Oakfield we are regularly reviewing and adapting our services so that what we offer our Landlords is second to none.


Our full scale of fees for all of our levels of management and additional services are available for you to download below.
Rent Guarantee

Rent Guarantee

Can you afford to meet your financial obligations on your rental property if your Tenant hasn’t paid their rent? Can you afford the legal bill to evict your Tenant if that is needed? For most Landlords the answer to these questions is no. As a professional managing agents Oakfield would not be providing you with the best service or advice if we didn’t provide you with an option for rent guarantee cover. 

Over the years rent guarantee cover has evolved significantly, particularly post pandemic where Tenants found themselves unable to make their rental payments and may Landlords faced months of uncertainty. 

Oakfield offer rent guarantee cover provided by Rightmove and we are confident this policy is currently one of the best in the market.

Zero Deposit

The cost of moving is ever increasing for Tenants and by offering Zero Deposit with your property this helps reduce the upfront costs for Tenants making your property more appealing. Furthermore, Zero Deposit offers you as a Landlord 6 weeks cover compared to the 5 weeks cover that a traditional deposit will offer you. With reduced upfront costs for a Tenant and better cover for our Landlords we would encourage our Landlords to discuss this further with one of our team.

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Zero Deposit

Landlord Guides

A Guide To Finding (And Keeping) Dream Tenants

A Guide To Finding (And Keeping) Dream Tenants

In our (pretty extensive, though we say so ourselves) experience, there are three key indicators of a potential tenant’s suitability. Find out what they are and how to use them to find your perfect tenants!

A landlord’s guide to switching letting agents

A landlord’s guide to switching letting agents

Changing your letting agency can seem quite a big decision but it doesn’t have to be as complex or time-consuming as you may have thought. Find out more in our guide for landlords.

Lettings made simple

Lettings made simple

It may seem that the lettings business is an intensely competitive one and finding the best agent to let your property can seem quite the challenge. Our guide makes the whole process easier.

Landlord Services FAQs

What services does Oakfield offer to landlords?

We offer a comprehensive range of services for landlords, including property marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, property maintenance, legal compliance, and regular property inspections.

How does Oakfield market properties for landlords?

Our marketing strategy includes listing properties on leading property portals, utilising social media and digital marketing, and leveraging our local network to find suitable tenants quickly.

What is Oakfield's approach to tenant screening?

We conduct thorough checks including credit, employment, and reference verification to ensure reliable tenants are chosen for your property.

How does Oakfield manage rent collection and financial reporting?

We ensure timely rent collection and provide landlords with regular financial reports detailing income and expenditure related to their property.

How are maintenance and repairs handled by Oakfield?

We manage all aspects of property maintenance and repairs, working with trusted contractors to ensure high-quality work and quick resolutions to issues.

What support does Oakfield provide in terms of legal compliance?

We offer guidance and support to ensure your property complies with all legal and safety regulations, protecting you from potential liabilities.

Can Oakfield assist with property inspections and inventory management?

Yes, we conduct regular property inspections to ensure your property is well-maintained and manage inventory checks at the start and end of tenancies.

Why should landlords choose Oakfield's services?

Our local expertise, personalised approach, and commitment to delivering high-quality service make us the preferred choice for landlords in the East Sussex area.

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