Block Management: Jasmine Way, Bexhill-on-Sea

Jasmine Way, located in Bexhill on Sea, is a beautifully presented, private Estate made up of 5 individual buildings, housing 29 apartments.

Jasmine Way, Bexhill-on-Sea

In 2019, Oakfield were approached by the chair and co-chair of Jasmine Way RTM Company to enquire about Block Management and the service that Oakfield could offer for the Estate. After being with another Managing Agent since the formation of the RTM Company, the Board were keen to explore other options available to them and move into a fully managed service with an alternative Block Manager. After undertaking a tender process with other local agents, Oakfield were successfully awarded the contract and took over management of the Estate in December 2019.

Since 2019, Oakfield have worked closely with the Board of Directors to maintain and manage the Estate, keeping the ground and buildings to the highest standards. The Board of Directors, made up of 7 of the Estates’ Leaseholders, have been nominated by the remaining Leaseholders of Jasmine Way to oversee the day-to-day activities and regular services for the buildings and grounds. Working closely with each other, the Board take on the responsibilities of the Freeholder taking the initial reports from residents, before liaising with the dedicated Property Manager for the Estate at Oakfield to resolve the problem or provide further advice.

As the Estate has a fully managed service in place, Oakfield look to arrange and oversee any maintenance, general repairs and services provided to the Freehold and communal areas, inclusive of the gardens, driveway, carpark and entrance gates. Taking instruction from the Board of Directors, Oakfield make initial enquires with the necessary contractors/engineers, before formally instructing the repairs required.

During Oakfields time as Managing Agent, there have been a handful of larger scale works required, which have resulted in undertaking section 20 consultation. During these consultation periods, Oakfield have acted as the administrator for the projects, issuing the legal section 20 notices, handling the tender process and presenting the tender documents to the Board of Directors for a decision of who will be awarded the contract. Throughout this process, there is constant communication between Oakfield and the Board of Directors, as well as the Leaseholders of the Estate, to ensure all parties are aware of the progression of the process and works alike.

After four and a half years as Managing Agent for Jasmine Way, there is a strong working relationship with Jasmine Way RTM Company, and Oakfield look forward to continuing work with the Leaseholders and Board of Directors in the future.

A few words from our client, but says so much  ……

We cannot speak highly enough about Oakfield Management Company since working with us on our RTM at Jasmine Way. The staff are all friendly with Hannah being very knowledgeable displaying a high level of professionalism dealing with our concerns promptly.

We fully endorse their excellent service with no hesitation in recommending their expertise.