The temperature has dropped, the gloves are on, and whether we like it or not, winter is on its way.


You may have considered moving home but then decided to wait until the New Year.  Is this the right move? Or, could selling your property in winter be the best decision you make?


Beat the crowds

As Christmas approaches the shops get busier and the crowds sometimes make it hard to find what we want.  At the moment there are fewer properties on the market than at other times, so there isn’t the competition that there would be in spring.  Selling your home in winter means it has a better chance of standing out and being noticed.


Let’s get serious

There are times of the year when people dabble with the notion of moving, but the buyers who are out and looking in winter are serious.  They know they want to move and won’t let the cold weather outside deter them from viewing a property.  Winter buyers tend to have a clearer idea of what they are looking for, which means we’re able to match properties and buyers easier.


Giving them that feeling

That feeling that turns a house into a home you want to buy can’t be bottled. It’s different for everyone, but you can help your property trigger it by presenting the space in a way that screams ‘home’.


With the winter chill, walking into a warm and cosy home that makes you want to snuggle with a cup of hot chocolate is bound to tug at your heart strings.  If you have a fire, whether that’s gas or a log burner, try and have it lit for a wonderful welcome.  Make sure any lamps as well as ceiling lights are on in rooms to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere.


Highlight features

You will no doubt have some amazing features in your home, and no matter what the season it’s always important to highlight them.  Whether you use candles, seasonal accessories or add some rich autumnal tones, you want buyers’ eyes to be drawn to those aspects of your home that you love.


A new start

The busiest months for corporate relocation are January and February, so those buyers looking to find a new home for work will hope to secure somewhere before their move.  They won’t have the luxury of waiting just in case, they will grab a property they love so that they can get their family settled as soon as possible.


Why wait?

Whatever your reason for wishing to move, don’t dismiss selling in winter.  We are still achieving exceptional sales prices for our sellers at the moment, and it’s great to work with such motivated buyers.


If you would like more information on selling your apartment this winter, come and chat to us at Oakfield Estate Agents, and you could be starting your New Year in a new home.



Chief Executive Officer, Oakfield Estate Agents