As a property owner, the issue of going for a specialist agent to manage your property or properties might not be the easiest one.



But the reality of investing in properties and handling tenants mean you probably should think about a specialist agent.



Working with an experienced and reliable management company makes all the difference.  The specialist agent will deal directly with tenants and potential prospects saving you time to focus on other things while ensuring your property is well catered for and maintained. Thinking about a specialist agent to manage your property? Here are a number of reasons why you should.



Short vacancies


It’s possible without a specialist agent your property will remain vacant for a while. The property manager will prepare the property with strategic enhancements to improve your revenue. Skilled and experienced in communication and marketing, the property will be effectively marketed. They understand what they need to say to get tenants fast. Handling so many properties and decades of experience enhance their chance of reaching out widely online and offline with strategic ads.



Quality tenants


Property owners dread tenant screening and finding the best. Avoid painful experiences with bad tenants by allowing a specialist agent to take over the process and use their experience in the industry to get the bad apples off your back. Through reliable, tested, verified and trusted screening processes the specialist agent will get you quality tenants who pay rent as agreed and on time, rent for the longest time possible and cause less disturbance.



You just don’t have the time


Even if you’re a practical, hands-on person devoting your time to managing your properties can be time-consuming. It’s even complicated if you’re not a fulltime landlord and the rental property is strictly for investment purposes. A specialist agent takes the dreaded headache of the day-to-day running of properties releasing you to invest in other areas and spend time on other important matters.



Your property is far off


Travelling to and fro all the time to deal with tenant matters and taking care of your property can drain anyone. A specialist property management agent takes over the diverse complicated issues related to your property, including repairs, rent collection, ending tenancy legally to dealing with contractual and deposit disputes, among others.



More than one property to manage


Having more than a single rental unit and perhaps very far from each other across England can be cumbersome to manage on your own. The more the properties you own the more specialised help you need to manage them effectively from organising tenant screenings and viewings, providing repairs quickly to avoid damages and handling legal problems and much more. It comes as a plus if the property manager has offices and ground experience in various cities and neighbourhoods.



Grasp of ever-changing legal requirements


It can be frustrating for a landlord to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing tenant-landlord responsibility and legal requirements. A property management agent is always updated on taxes, agreements, contracts and other myriad legal matters relating to landlords and tenants. Their know-how can be your saving grace.



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Chief Executive Officer, Oakfield Estate Agents