Have you ever made those impulse buys and then, maybe a few days or weeks later, regretted it?


If it’s a top or a pair of shoes then, although annoying, you can live with it, but what if it’s a property?  We want to make sure that the home you purchase is based on a decision made with your heart and your head.


Love at first sight


It’s easy to get swept away by the glorious façade; as you step into beautifully decorated rooms, you start to see your furniture gracing the space and you even find the perfect spot for the Christmas tree.  There is no doubt that this property is melting your heart, but is it the right home for you?


We all want that feeling, that instant spark that tells us we’ve found ‘the one’.  Yet the one may not come with the wish list package that you initially imagined.  When you buy a new home you need to think about the short to long-term; yes, this property may be perfect for you today, but what about in 12 months’ time?




Before we start spurting a bit of Kirstie and Phil and saying it’s all about location, location, location – yes, in some ways it is, but not always.  You’ve chosen an area you like because it’s close to work and your friends; you may not necessarily know every area locally, but it’s where you feel the most comfortable.


We would never want you to live somewhere that wouldn’t make you happy, but there are so many areas of Eastbourne, Hastings, or Bexhill that you may not have discovered.  Trust our judgment; when we get to know you and have a sense of what you’re looking for and why, we will be able to match you with some fantastic options.




Yes, we are asking you to trust our experience to show you some properties that may not be right on paper.  Circumstances change, you may get a new job, and your friends could move, so we need to ensure that the property we find will be a good home to you no matter what changes around you.  We don’t have any mystery Jedi powers, just the knowledge obtained from years of working in the local property market.


Picture perfect


We can all make any property our home; we paint the walls a colour we prefer, we inject our own taste through furniture, and flair through accessories.  Therefore, as they say, never judge a book by its cover.  It’s important to be realistic about the amount of work you want to do and the associated costs, but every property is a blank canvas waiting for you to make it your home.


Let your head have its say


Make sure you have a list of head-based decisions on a piece of paper before you enter any property, to stop your heart from running away with you. You should think about finances, and that’s not just the mortgage but all the costs associated with that particular building and the lease.


Amenities are also important; what’s close by?  If you have hobbies or interests, are they within an easy distance? You don’t want the distance to be an excuse for not continuing, as this will add a niggle about where you’re living.  If you have a family, a shop for those forgotten or last-minute essentials close by could be a must and a potential life-saver.


When you let your head have its say, you will know that the property is one that will work for you in many ways.


When you get that feeling


Should you get ‘the feeling’ when you walk into a home, never ignore it. It is magical and means you can really see yourself living there.  Just remember to let your head have its say and you will be doing your best to ensure you will be happy in your new home for many years to come.


If you would like to see a collection of properties we feel would be perfect for you, just give us a call. 



Chief Executive Officer, Oakfield Estate Agents