As always with our monthly charity donations from our Community Pledge we aim to utilise the funds so that they can make the most difference.

This month we reached out to Warming up the Homeless, one of our chosen charities very close to our hearts, regarding their donation and they advised that their food store used for making meals for the many homeless people they provide for, was almost empty.

The charity rely solely on donations to be able feed so many people, and they explained that Christmas is the toughest time of year for them as money is tight for people, so the donations they receive are considerably less making it so hard for them to be able to provide food essential to so many.

Each year the charity also provide gift bags for the people they support, and when speaking with their team, they told us that the number of people needing their support has almost doubled in the past year, so it is getting increasingly hard to be able to keep providing the incredible service that they do.

As always we were honoured to be able to help such a worthy cause and so we headed to the supermarket to do a huge food shop to be able to add food supplies to their store and we also put together some gift bags with toiletries, socks and some goodies for some of their homeless people.

Kerry Newstead, Sales Director says “At this time of year especially the thought of a person being homeless is heart breaking! As we sit down to our Christmas dinners and meet with friends and families, it is easy to forget that so many people in our direct areas have so little. It means so much to us to be able to utilise the money from our Community Pledge in such a way that it makes a real difference to people. The team at Warming up the Homeless are some of the nicest people we have ever dealt with and are always so grateful for the support we give. We honestly feel so honoured to continue our support into 2024!.”

If you would like to find out more about Warming up the Homeless or any of our other charities, check out our Community Pledge page on our website: