With our donation from our Community Pledge to Warming up the homeless this month, Casey and Charlotte from our Bexhill office headed to the supermarket with a shopping list of essential items which the charity were in urgent need of. They Managed to fill two trolleys to the top and was even too much to fit in just one car.

They then had the pleasure of taking the items to the very grateful team at the head office of Warming up the Homeless in Bexhill.

Casey our Lettings Manager in Bexhill said ‘This truly is an inspirational charity and we feel very honoured to be able to work with and support them. Just knowing we have been able to make a difference to these people in such terrible situations means such a lot”

In 2022 alone this incredible team helped 829 homeless people in such a variety of ways including addiction, getting them off the streets, getting them into training, getting them jobs and helping with mental health. They have even employed two of the homeless people they were helping.

In addition to the outstanding work they are doing they are also continuing to grow, having opened up a new Boutique Charity Shop selling their donated items located in Battle as well as a new Homeless Support Centre in Hastings.

The organisation rely so much on the donations they receive, both financial and donated items as well as their volunteers to be able to do this amazing work. If you have a few hours spare or would like to donate check out their website to see how you can help, click here