Most people move house rarely and often have little idea of the etiquette required if the stress of moving is to be minimised. Our job as progressive estate agents is to help buyers and sellers minimise this stress by seeing the world through their eyes and advising accordingly.

For example, vendors often go to great lengths to prepare for a viewing. They clean the house thoroughly, making sure everything, from cushions to children’s toys, is in its place. They might light a fire, switch on the lights, arrange fresh flowers, mow the lawn, and send their teenager out to walk the dog in anticipation of the arrival of the esteemed buyer.

The agreed viewing time comes, and goes. The seller looks anxiously out of the window. Twenty minutes passes, and the seller wonders if they have got the time wrong. So they wait. But still nothing, and the pressure in the household mounts.

When looking at property, communication and straight-talking are critical if the stress of moving is to be minimised. So if you are a buyer and you are running late, or decide you don’t like the look of the house you have arranged to view on arrival, be assured that the vendor would far rather you told them so than simply drive on.

Likewise, if the property just doesn’t feel right inside then don’t waste your time, or the vendor’s, by indulging their attempts at polite conversation. Be frank, politely, and move on.

Also, be sure to give prompt, sincere and detailed feedback to the agent following a viewing, as this will not only enable them to communicate better with the vendor, but also help them gain a more comprehensive understanding of your requirements as a buyer, possibly saving you time and hassle in the future.


Chief Executive Officer