In the bitter months of winter, we can all occasionally find ourselves victims of the legendary Winter Blues. During these bouts with feeling down, we could all use a pick-me-up. Here we have gathered some fun things to do inside to help beat back those blues!


1: Do some baking!

Believe it or not, it is pretty easy to follow a recipe. Even if you aren’t usually a baker, following a recipe to the letter will usually turn out with good results regardless.


Turn those lights up, put on some happy tunes and jam out while making yourself a tasty snack! Dancing has been proven as an aerobic exercise that helps with positivity and clear-headedness. So, turn on the radio and dance that Snow Sadness out all over the kitchen floor, then enjoy your baked goods!


Happy dancing everybody!


2: Make your house feel like Summer!

It is pretty easy to make your home feel warmer and brighter. Being in a comfortable and welcoming home has been proven to increase overall mood and happiness. So, open those blinds, dust those shelves, spray some Febreeze to freshen up those carpets and light some scented candles with light scents like lavender or vanilla.


We know it doesn’t seem like it would make a difference, but trust us. It truly does work. Something just as simple as a quick freshen up can make a world of difference in clearing your Post-Christmas Blues.


3: Camp in your living room!

Ever notice how kids never seem to get the winter blues? It’s because they keep themselves busy and entertained! So, channel your inner child, and pitch a blanket tent in the living room! You may feel silly doing it but it can be very cathartic to exercise your imagination and do something silly for once!


Sometimes as adults we forget that our imagination still works. It’s not something we really use in day to day adult life. Don’t forget your imagination is an important part of who you are and it’s important to exercise it. Embrace your inner child and let loose for the day!


4: Listen to audiobooks

A lot of the time all it takes to snap you out of a mental trench is a brief break from reality. We all have daily chores. They need to be done, it’s unavoidable. Why not plug in a fantasy narration? Lose yourself into the world of the story as you do your daily tasks.


Simply letting your mind wander and losing yourself to a book has been proven in multiple studies to help you with things like depression. Not to mention you also get all those pesky chores done in the meantime!


No matter how bad of the blues you have caught, there is always a way to get yourself out of it. We hope one of our suggestions help you get out of your mental rut and back out there enjoying this big beautiful blue marble we all call home! Live, Laugh, Love and most importantly, be happy! The world is beautiful. Don’t let the cold months get you down!