How do you know when you have found the right home? For many people, it is love at first sight. For others, they may look at ten or more properties during their search. We share our advice on how many houses you should view before making an offer…

House hunting can be exhausting. If you are unsure of what your ideal home is and just hope to spot it, it will become tedious and you may even give up!

You will need a plan in place. Work out what you want, where you want it, and how to find it.  Don’t look at properties that may not cater to your needs as it can become obvious to your estate agent that viewers have no idea what they want.

Let your estate agent help you, distil your desires, and deliver the properties that really suit your demands. It is important to know what you want, have the right agent and you will find the perfect property in no time. On average, it may take two or three viewings but if you are ready to move when you see the right house then one offer might be all it takes to find your perfect home.

Don’t miss out        

The number of properties you should look at before making an offer will vary depending on your circumstances as a buyer and the amount of properties available. Whilst it is very tempting as a buyer to “look at one more house” this can be counter- productive as you may risk losing your potential dream home to another buyer. You may end up having to offer more than you would want simply to compete with another buyer. If the very first home you view ticks all the boxes, then we would advise to go for it.

View your favourite property a second time

With that in mind, we would always recommend viewing a property a second time before making an offer. Viewing on a different day and at a different time will allow you to see the property in a different light. As ever with buying a property, research is vital. By researching in advance, the discerning purchaser can rule out properties that may tick all the boxes, therefore reducing the number of viewings and time required to find your next home. This advice remains the same for all prospective purchasers whether they are buying their first home or an impressive statement property.

Go with your heart  

You should always go with your heart when moving home– you should get that ‘feeling’ within the first 20 seconds of being in a property on a viewing. Make sure you have enough time to explore the local area, town or village whilst you are there.  Identify what amenities are important to you to have nearby and discover where they are in relation to the home you are viewing.  Be prepared to look past cosmetic features at the property. Décor is personal taste and can easily be altered to suit, look beyond the obvious.

If you’re unsure what you’re looking for, or what’s available in the local area, give us a call today. We’ll be happy to chat and get you started on your moving journey.