The need for rental property never decreases, giving you fantastic opportunities.  Should you be a landlord of a portfolio of one property or many, we know that you want to be achieving good capital growth.  Working with our landlords we can help to support this as well as minimise void periods, but how?



When you know and stick to your niche, you get to understand every minute element of it.  Our understanding of the market enables us to give our landlords advice that we know will give them direct financial benefits, today and for the years to come.



Where we differ is that we only take on those rentals that we know meet our tenants’ needs in terms of quality and condition.  We have a reputation throughout the area for providing rental apartments of a certain standard, which is why we continue to attract tenants of merit.



Knowing the market as we do, we strive to achieve the best results for our landlords.   You will quickly know that your property is in good hands under our care, but it’s also important to realise the benefit of looking after your property too.



Today’s tenants are particular, and rightly so. They are looking for a long-term home, and as such want to find a place they will feel proud of.  They do not want a property that looks as though the landlord has lost interest and no longer cares.  Tired decoration, signs of neglect, and lots of those odd jobs needing attention can make our tenants question if an apartment is for them.



Over time it can be easy to neglect the small things, yet these can lead to long-term issues if ignored for too long.  To enable you to retain the capital value of your property you must also invest in its upkeep to provide the beautifully presented home your tenants expect.



Void periods can be a financial drain on even the most accomplished landlords, and having strategies in place to keep these to a minimum is essential.  We also find that those properties where care has been taken to maintain a high standard of decoration and finish are let quickly, minimising those dreaded void periods.



Are you taking advantage of the advice your letting agent is giving you?  Are you missing out on the financial rewards that retaining good capital growth can bring?  If you have a rental property in Eastbourne, Bexhill, Hastings or the surrounding area, and would like to know more, our lettings team are here to advise and support your portfolio.  Are you ready to listen?






Chief Executive Officer, Oakfield Estate Agents