According to the charity Mind, research published last summer showed that more than seven million Brits have taken up gardening since the Covid-19 pandemic, while over three million report improved mental health after moving away from an urban area to have access to a garden or other outdoor space.

They may be starting to fade from memory, but the lockdowns made many of us re-evaluate our living arrangements. And it’s hardly surprising that, since the pandemic, web searches for ‘houses with gardens’ have soared, and across a broader demographic than previously.

What’s more, even those who already have a garden are saying they’d like a bigger one for their next move, as reported by one major national property portal.

So, make no mistake, a garden can significantly enhance the value of your home, while often helping to ensure a speedier sale.

Equally, south-facing areas are particularly sought-after, although these can get quite hot to be in during the warmer months, so may not be for everyone.

If you do have a garden, it’s always worth doing what you can with it to capture the attention of potentially picky buyers.

As summer is now underway and the weather is warmer, here are some of the top ways in which you can ensure your outdoor patch adds optimal value to your property if you’re considering selling up:

  • Maximise privacy

For most buyers, backyard privacy is key. There are things you can do even if other homes overlook your own. Pergolas, for example, can serve as good screens, while strategic planting can also help. Consider large planters or growing taller plants or wisteria over a pergola, or have a trellis along your fence for climbing plants.

  • Let me entertain you

If your prospective buyers love entertaining, they may well be looking to do that al fresco. So have a think about where in your garden is sunniest at various points of day, and create a nice area for entertaining. That could mean, for example, balancing decking or a patio space with a shady, more secluded spot. Outdoor lighting also makes it easier to host others.

  • Add storage and security

For many potential purchasers, having a good level of security plus ample storage facilities will be highly important. And that will be particularly the case for would-be buyers with children or pets in tow. So look at how secure, for example, your gates and fences are.

Secure storage will matter for those wanting to store costlier belongings like bicycles and gardening tools. Good-quality locks and blacked-out windows on sheds and garages will help, as will CCTV and security lighting.

  • Consider a garden room

A garden room is rather more luxurious than a shed, and is generally made from good-quality materials and designed to withstand the worst of the great British weather. What’s more, one in a good condition will add significantly to the value of your home.

These structures are multi-purpose, and could be especially welcome if someone wants a good space to work in away from the main house.

  • Sloping off?

If you happen to have a sloping garden, make this work to your advantage with something visually distinctive. Strategically placed plants and flowers, for instance, can help create a stunning view. Encourage those who come to look around to picture themselves enjoying the place as much as you do.

  • Water features and focal points

A water feature, a statue, firepit or similar can help sway a sale more than you may have realised. Additionally, a play area that’s sectioned off from other areas of your garden could prove to be a real deal breaker with families. Even simply adding some decking gives your outdoor space added appeal.

Oakfield Estate Agents

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