In June this year we set up our Community Pledge where we choose 6 local charities who we could build strong relationships with to really help make a difference within our community.

Making Moving Matter
One of the ways we do this is for every property we sell, on completion we pay £50 to one of our charities which is selected by the vendor. We are pleased to say that we have started completing on the properties signed up with the Community Pledge incentive and this month we have made £300 of donations to make which is evenly split with a donation to each of the charities.

Getting involved
However it is more than donating money for us, our teams have been working on ways to get involved and support the charities, they have taken part in events and have donated specific supplies needed by the organisations.

This is our favourite part of the Community Pledge and we are excited to be able to continue to develop the relationships and have more opportunities to work with these amazing charities.

Our Charities
As a reminder the 6 wonderful charities we work with are:

Check out their websites for more information or to see how you could get involved with supporting them. 

What our customers say
We are really pleased that our customers are behind us in our mission to make a difference. It has been great to help raise awareness of the work these organisations do but also share experiences our clients have already had with these charities. The feedback from our customers has been really positive. One comment from a customer was ‘Knowing that you support and help our local communities is so refreshing. To be able to support them the way you do is excellent’.