Finding the ideal agent to sell your house makes all the difference, but it can be challenging to find your perfect agent. After all, there are many agents to choose from, and not all agents are the same.


The agent that is perfect for one area, or one style of house or even one type of client may not be suitable for another client. You need to think about what you need from an agent, and then start the search process with these aims in mind.


Of course, you will find that most vendors benefit from choosing a proactive agent when selling your house. In a thriving market when buyers are desperate to purchase property at virtually any price, an agent can afford to be relaxed and reactive in their dealings. However, this isn’t the current state of the UK property market, and it is essential that you have an agent who is upbeat and willing to fight your corner in a highly competitive market.


We have an optimistic view of the market

At Oakfield, we take great pride in our agents, who offer a positive attitude to the market. These are challenging times, but property deals still take place, and buyers are willing to purchase a property. A positive attitude helps, and it brushes off on the people we engage with, helping everyone to be more optimistic about property transactions.


A proactive agent sets out to find new vendors while re-engaging former vendors. An active agent works hard to develop the best portfolio of property, which is helpful to all clients. Even though you may think that having more houses on the market place makes it harder for you to sell your house, there are benefits when an agent represents a lot of homes in your area.


We help bring people to your property

A proactive agent is an optimal choice in the market. It may be that a prospective buyer starts their search looking at other homes, but then finds yours, although they may not have found your house through their initial search. When you are represented by a proactive agent, your chances of being found by willing buyers increases, which is an outcome all vendors want.


Another reason to call on the services of a proactive estate agent is they provide buyers with reasons to consider the market. There will always be people suggesting this is a wrong time of year or a worrying time for the market, but there will always be valid reasons to buy a house. You’ll find that proactive agents have access to data and statistics which detail the rise and falls of the property market. No matter what the current situation is, it isn’t unique, and skilled estate agents have been through similar trials in the past.


At Oakfield, we work hard on your behalf, and we are determined to conclude deals to your satisfaction. We can take you from the start to the end of the sales process, and we look forward to helping you achieve your property aims and ambitions.


Contact us today to find out more about the benefits of using a proactive agent in your home sale.



Chief Executive Officer, Oakfield Estate Agents