December is off to a great start for our Block Management department, with the addition of three new buildings to manage! In the last week we have taken over the management of Wallington Towers which is a block of 28 flats in Bexhill. They have recently acquired the Right to Manage from their Freehold Company and have appointed Oakfield as their managing agents. We are really looking forward to helping the leaseholders bring their block up to standard.

We have also taken on the management of 15 & 17 Bedford Avenue, also in Bexhill, which is a block of 7 flats. They were self-managing previously, however as the leaseholder that took care of all of the duties was selling, they decided that they wanted to instruct a managing agent to look after the vast amount of work that goes into managing a building.

Lastly, we have taken on the management of 17 St Margarets Road which is a block of 5 in St Leonards. They were unhappy with their previous agent, and due to being able to give immediate notice to their agent, appointed Oakfield the same day they came in for a meeting with our Head of Block Management!!

If you are looking for a new managing agent, why not contact our Block Management team today! Find out more about our Block Management services or call the team on 01424 834308.


CEO – Oakfield Estate Agents