Whilst some people consider the relative square metreage of every property they see, many people’s perceptions of space are more visual despite the fact that spaciousness is often a priority and invariably comes at a premium.

So if you are selling, it’s worth making sure you create a feeling of as much space as possible in order to attract a buyer, especially if your property is relatively small to begin with.

Here are a few pointers:

  1. If you can’t offer great space, at least make sure other first impressions are good. Aim for maximum impact by sprucing up your entrance area. Keep it clean, any hedge trimmed, and hide away unsightly bins.
  2. Clutter can make a small property appear even smaller. So keep kitchen counters clear and cut down on personal items and knick-knacks during the sale. By keeping accessories and artwork simple you will create longer cleaner lines.
  3. Fully open up all blinds and curtains for a lighter roomier feeling.
  4. Use lighter shades on walls and stick to white on the ceiling to increase the feeling of space.
  5. Pay attention to the layout of furniture and have an obvious focal point to the room. Keep large pieces against the wall and where possible use colours that blend with the wall and floor colour. Throws can “dumb-down” darker pieces and add to a feeling of cosiness. Big patterns on one or two pieces look good, but should be positioned away from walls.
  6. Mirrors can make a room appear larger if strategically positioned.
  7. If you have a patio, present it as an extension of your limited living space. This can be achieved by installing patio furniture alongside a few stylish containers providing colour.

If you’d like any pointers on hope best to prepare your own property for sale please feel free to call or pop into your local branch


Chief Executive Officer