With spring being so popular for selling your home, there are certain habits that we typically see in those homeowners whose property sells successfully and swiftly.  So what are their secrets, and how can you adopt them?


1. Grill estate agents


Successful sellers aren’t interested in commission rates; they want the agent who they believe will get them the best price for their property.  The agent who will hold that sale together and drive it forward, so they can be in their new home sooner rather than later.


These sellers give us estate agents a grilling. When we’re invited into their home for an appraisal, they have a list of questions ready.  We love the challenge of proving our ability to perform. 


2. Wreck it Ralph


If your home isn’t in a good state of repair you are wrecking any chance of achieving the highest possible asking price.  Become a ‘Fix it Felix’ and start to get your home in the best shape possible. 


Successful sellers don’t rest on their laurels when the work is done. They continue to monitor their home to ensure it is in the finest condition for when a buyer walks through the door.


3. Binge on Netflix


If you only watch one Netflix series this April make it Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.  With episodes covering everything from tidying up with toddlers, when two (messes) become one, and breaking from a mountain of stuff, you will learn some incredible ways to not only tidy your home, but fantastic habits for not going back.


Having a ‘show-ready’ home and one that is impeccably clean and beautiful today is a must when selling.  We must stress this is not about turning your property into one that is sterile and void of personality, as this can give a negative impression.  A home is one that looks loved and cared for with little touches that add warmth and colour.


4. Don’t sit on the fence


Buying a property is an emotional experience and, as such, buyers get frustrated when they are not being responded to.  Successful sellers respond quickly. They have a clear idea of what figure they would be happy with; they are eager to start the negotiation process and understand that delaying it could mean the buyer loses interest or finds something else.


When an offer is made, act quickly.


What home-selling habits are you adopting this year?





Chief Executive Officer, Oakfield Estate Agents