We all hate feeling trapped and there is nothing worse than feeling that you HAVE to do something, even when you really don’t want to. Letting or renting a house is no different but once you’ve signed on the dotted line, how easy is it to make some changes?


You’ve chosen your agent but have that niggling feeling in your stomach that something isn’t right. Maybe you don’t like their approach to the marketing of your property or maybe you’ve done some research and have found out that you should be much further down the line. Don’t panic!


First things first, if you are not happy with your agent then you should try and resolve things. Speak to them, explaining your problems and talk about why you are dissatisfied. However, if you are sure that you want to change to another agency, then you need to check the terms of your agreement, as it may not be possible.


If it is possible then you may still have to pay some charges to the letting agent to cover costs that they may have incurred during the advertising and marketing of your property. However, put things into consideration – surely being happy with your agent is more important.


If you are unhappy with your agent, then get in touch today and one of our experts will be more than happy to help you.