In a top location, below-par listings photos may still be able to draw some people through the door. But the best pictures will bag viewings in any area. And with the majority of house-hunters now beginning their property search online, having photos that sell your place is more important than ever. Indeed, the business magazine Forbes has even said that, without the right photos, you might as well not bother listing your home at all. After all, without images, it’s hard for would-be buyers to decide whether or not it’s worth the effort of a viewing. So a few quick snaps simply won’t cut it.

But which images are potential buyers most keen to see on a sales listing? One property media provider has looked in to this, with a recent study of 1,000 British homebuyers.

And it probably comes as no surprise to learn that a decent outside shot of a property was the crucial thing most prospective purchasers wanted to see in their web-based house-hunting. After all, that external view is a key part of what we call kerb appeal – or the qualities of a building that make it attractive when viewed from the street.

But the second most sought-after image is one which perhaps wouldn’t spring so readily to mind, not least because it doesn’t involve the property itself. Yet what people really wanted to see was a clear photo of the broader street where a house or flat is located. Extra outdoor space, from garage to driveway and front garden, were also rated as hugely important – possibly because memories of the confinements of lockdowns have not faded.

When it came to the back of the place, homebuyers were keen to see the type of garden attached to the property, and how big it was. Other key factors included the privacy afforded, and whether the garden faced south or not.

As for the interior, the one area that people most wanted to see was the kitchen. This was closely followed by the lounge, along with any other downstairs living space, plus any unique features the property may have.

Upstairs, potential buyers were most interested in the master bedroom, any other bedrooms and the bathroom – in that order.

The head of the firm that commissioned the survey, Mikus Opelts, said: “Despite the obvious importance of property photography, our past research shows that one in four estate agents are still using smartphones for their images. However, even if you have the best tech available, you can waste time taking photos that undersell, or, worse, oversell a home.”

Opelts added that online browsers don’t want to be overwhelmed with hundreds of images which all look the same. And so what you take is as vital as the quality of the completed image.

So bear in mind that, as well as all the traditional things everyone expects to see, people also want to know about a property’s wider situation, whether it’s south-facing,  any unique features and the privacy the place offers. And while capturing these things can take a little more time and effort, doing so can significantly boost the online appeal of your home with possible purchasers.

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