In an industry with ever changing legislation test your knowledge to see what you know and more importantly what you perhaps don’t know so you can be compliant.

Test your landlord knowledge

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What is the maximum deposit a landlord can charge a tenant in England where the rent is under £50,000 per annum

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How often must a landlord provide a Gas Safety Certificate for a property with gas appliances?

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What notice period must a landlord give to end a tenancy without fault in England?

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Who is responsible for repairing and maintaining common areas in a rental property?

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In England, which of the following repairs is a landlord legally required to make?

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Under the Deregulation Act 2015, when should a landlord provide the 'How to Rent' guide to their tenants?

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In the event of a dispute over the return of a deposit, which scheme can tenants and landlords use to resolve the dispute?

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What is an EPC and how often must it be updated for a rental property?

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What should a landlord do with a tenant's deposit during the tenancy?

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In England, when can a landlord enter a rented property without the tenant's permission?

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Which of the following is not a landlord's responsibility?

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Under what circumstance can a landlord raise the rent?

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