An Englishman’s home may be his castle – but it is usually a woman who chooses it!

94% of letting agents polled in a recent survey confirmed that it is usually the woman who has the last word in choosing which home they rent!

Two of the most important factors that attract women in a home are a modern kitchen, and a his-and-hers en-suite bathroom, with 91% of agents questioned saying that a good kitchen is the single feature most likely to clinch a deal. 95% say it is the woman, rather than the man, who is more inclined to want a his-and-hers en-suite bathroom.

For men, almost half the letting agents polled say that a reception room or recreation room large enough for a wide-screen TV is the most important single feature. Both men and women (9% and 4% respectively) said that a back garden, protected from neighbours’ watchful eyes by high hedges or fencing, also featured as a strong attraction.

Whilst men and women may have different agendas as they seek their ideal home, landlords would be well-advised to consider who typically has the most influence on the renting decision.

When making improvements on a property before letting it, it is therefore important to focus on those things that will mostly impress the driving force in the relationship. So whilst the garden wall may need rebuilding, perhaps the money would be better spent on improvements to the kitchen or the creation of an en-suite bathroom instead!

Remember, you are renting a home and the lifestyle that comes with it – not just the bricks and mortar, so take advantage of the respective impulses of the most influential people in the renting decision – women!

Neil Newstead, FARLA MNAEA

Chief Executive Officer