When the time comes to sell, you naturally want your property to look its best, but how far should you go in terms of presentation?

Firstly, aim to understand how your property “sits” within the market. Not all buyers have the same buying criteria, so walk through the house with your estate agent to identify your property’s strengths and weaknesses. Look through the eyes of a typical likely buyer, and consider what aspects should be improved to enhance your chances of selling to that person.

For example, it may be that your home is in generally good condition, but the carpets let it down. Whilst you could take account of this in the price, new, or professionally cleaned, carpets can transform the presentation of a house and appeal to a purchaser who might otherwise be put off. However, if your property is in need of general updating, a new carpet could be a waste of money, as the likely purchasers may well be looking for a house that they can improve themselves.

Nevertheless, a simple coat of paint can generally do wonders, but be careful not to let it look that you have simply “painted over the cracks”. If you are going to redecorate, then do it properly, as any surveyor, and many purchasers, might wonder “what else is there that they have tried to hide?” Honesty should always be the seller’s best policy!

Finally, whilst you may have updated your property when you moved in, your eventual buyer may have a completely different idea of current fashions, particularly with the flood of home improvement programmes currently washing over our TV screens. So make sure that any changes you make are in keeping with modern trends. We will happily advise you on this if required.

Neil Newstead, FARLA MNAEA

Chief Executive Officer