We British love a royal wedding! The unifying effect of such an event as this weekend’s, in which millions of people are interested (ok, not everyone of course) usually generates a feelgood factor that spreads throughout the economy. This wedding is no different and it comes at a time when the public is slightly jaded by Brexit confusion and needs a bit of a tonic.

May is historically an optimistic time of year, heralding the summer months ahead, which are most welcome following such a long, hard, winter! This is the perfect environment for a house move – the economy is stable, with continued low interest rates, the highest employment levels for 42 years and a realization that if Brexit was going to trip us up, it probably would have done so by now.

Until recently, many people had been reluctant to move. This created its own downward spiral as those who might have wanted to move felt that there was not enough choice of onward purchase. So they didn’t put their own property up for sale, creating a vicious cycle.

But this appears to be easing. We are seeing more properties coming to market, possibly prompted by reports of slowing, or even falling, house prices in some areas. As progressive estate agents, we are able to help our clients capitalize on this – we enjoy close relationships with our sellers and are able to help them buy their next property as seamlessly as possible, often “off-market”.

So once the Household Cavalry has swept up the confetti (surely the perfect regiment for such a task), the Hello! Magazines have been discarded, and Harry and Megan have been waved off on honeymoon, why not take advantage of the 2018 feelgood factor? If a move could suit your lifestyle plans, why not call us to see how we can help you create a Big Day of your own?


Chief Executive Officer