Oakfield Valuation

Landlords FAQ – COVID 19 Advice

Will you be open during the national lockdown?

Yes – We will remain open and working as usual but from behind closed doors.  Our team remain fully committed and motivated and are available via telephone and email with viewing and market appraisals very much in place with a number of additional measure in place to protect everyone.  Our property management and accounts team are fully staffed and operational.

Can you let my home during this time?

Yes is the answer, we remain very focused and motivated, we are still seeing high level of enquiries every day from motivated tenants who still want to move, we are seeing increasing number of people wanting to move to this area for a  different and better life style.

We continue to listen to your requirements, and represent you and your property in the best possible way, we agree a sensible marketing price to attract the right tenant.

Presentation is key to us, we will not rush your marketing details and just upload to the portals, we get it right the first time ensuring we attract tenants straight away.

Can I get a valuation on my property?

Yes you can. we can visit your property to carry out a safe and socially distanced valuation. However, we recognise that some Landlords may not want, or are not able, to have people within their home. In this case, we can give a remote valuation based on the latest market conditions and our experience.

Can potential tenants view my property?

Yes, however before we waste your time, we will in the first instance send them a video of the property that we have prepared and discuss this with them, we will then discuss their personal circumstances ensuring they are in a position to actually proceed.

What measures are in place for when you attend my property?

Booking your appointment

When making an appointment you will be asked if you or any of your household has shown symptoms of Covid-19 or has tested positive in the last 14 days. If yes then we will not be able to proceed with the booking.

We will also ask if you are officially shielding anyone at the property or whether you or anyone present at the property is in the vulnerable category. If yes then we will not be able to proceed with the booking.

Where possible you should not be present when the property is being shown to members of the public.

No more than 2 households should be at the appointment. Agents count as one household.   

Appointments will be limited to 15 minutes,

Appointments should not be double booked with anyone else.


Key collection

We can if preferred collect keys, or can be left in a pre-arranged place.  Our team will always be wearing gloves.


Arriving at the property

If anyone is presenting Covid-19 symptoms when we arrive at the property we will be unable to proceed.

Where possible children should not be present in the property and should vacate whilst we are in attendance. Pets should please be contained.

We advise that you wear a face covering during the appointment.

From arrival at the property, a 2m distance should be maintained between all persons.

Ideally, the occupants should vacate the property whilst we are in attendance, and at the very least they should not be in the same room at the same time.

We will aim to limit our time in the property and will answer any questions either outside of the property or over the telephone.


Preparing the property

The property should be well ventilated with fresh air prior to our visit but the windows must be shut prior to arrival when photos are taken.

All light switches, door handles and other key contact surfaces should be sanitised with a disinfectant prior to our arrival.

All lights should be on and internal doors open. We will photograph and leave the property as we find it

The property should be ready to be photographed. We will not be tidying things away or moving furniture.

Can I still take out a rent and legal protection insurance policy?

The good news is yes, we have a great arrangement with our insurance provider.

What if my tenant can’t pay the rent?

Hopefully you have a rent and legal policy, and this will cover any rental loses and eviction costs if required, however we would hope that this would only be a temporary measure and we encourage all tenants to speak to us immediately if facing any financial difficulty, at this time we would of course discuss all option with you.

What kind of help can landlords provide if tenants are having financial difficulty in paying their rent?

This will understandably depend on the landlord’s personal circumstances but there is an expectation from govt. that landlords will, where possible, agree to payment plans. In agreeing to a payment plan rent is not waived but delayed by an agreed amount for a set period of time. The balance is either repaid on an agreed date or spread over the remaining period of the tenancy. An unreasonable failure to do so could prejudice a landlords’ ability to gain possession.