I attended the IRPM Regional Seminar held on Thursday 13th September at the AMEX Stadium Brighton – being a bit of a football fanatic I am a regular visitor of the AMEX and it was very out of the ordinary to go there and not be going to watch football! But it did make a change to be there and for it to be warm and sunny, as opposed to being cold and wet whilst cheering on Brighton.

There were several guest speakers including talks about recent changes in legislation relevant to the sector, health and safety updates, cyber-security, information on re-instatement cost assessments and a talk about how and why Property Managers should have their eyes and ears open regarding domestic violence in the buildings that they look after.

The host for the day was very charismatic and the day flowed swiftly, and there were interactive discussions and sessions that were very entertaining. He spoke about how the industry changes constantly and how nowadays customer focus is so much more important that it ever has been before, how Customer Service starts as soon as you walk through the front door of a place of work, and also how a customer’s experienced is completely guided by how you made them feel throughout the process. People may not remember what you did or why you did it, but they will definitely remember how you made them feel throughout the process. He then spoke about how important body language is, and how people can tell if you are not confident in your delivery even if you feel like you are!

All in all it was a great day and there was plenty to think about afterwards whilst on the train home. Overall the experience was a really positive one that I very much enjoyed, I will look forward to attending the next seminar!

Richard Snatt, MARLA MNAEA

Property Manager – Block Management