2020 is knocking on the door, and as usual at the start of a new year, it's a time to reflect on what's gone before and look forward to what will happen in the future.


For many this could be buying or selling a home, a popular activity in the first few months of the year as major life decisions like moving jobs are made or interest in a property that was piqued over the festive period is now acted upon.


As we might have mentioned a few times before, there is traditionally no busier period for online property searching than January. In fact, this post-Christmas surge of interest in property now lasts much longer. Sellers, therefore, need to get their marketing strategy in order before they miss the boat.


As a seller, a new year can bring about renewed hope, energy and enthusiasm. Your house may have been on the market for a while or you may have only recently decided to sell, but either way it's the perfect time to re-evaluate, review and take stock of what you've been doing right and what you could be doing better.


To help sellers out we have devised the following 5 sell your home New Year's resolutions. Unlike normal New Year's resolutions, it would be wise – and potentially profitable – to keep to these!


Review your agent


Choosing the right estate agent is a crucial part of getting a home sold. If you pick the right one, the chances of you getting the best possible price for your home go up considerably. The beginning of the New Year can be a time to review the performance of your agent, to make sure they are doing all they can to get your property sold. If not, it may be time to cast your eye around elsewhere.


Review your advertising


This is an integral part of your sales pitch that might be too easily overlooked. Advertising on the major portals is where it's at nowadays, so having a significant presence on these platforms is vital. Most people will now head online to browse for property and, as such, the competition is fierce and the marketplace crowded. You need to make sure your property stands out from the crowd. Short, snappy descriptions and nice, professional-looking photographs – which show off your home at its best – will be certain to increase your chances of selling.


Make your home look great


A flurry of interest will often lead to a number of viewings in quick succession. For this, sellers will need to be prepared, ensuring that their home looks as tidy, clean, and attractive as possible. Would-be buyers will be far more attracted to well-kept, well-maintained homes, so it's vital that your property is in tip-top condition before anyone enters the door. Selling in winter can bring its own set of issues, but good preparation and a can-do attitude will really make the difference.


Be flexible


Prospective buyers – who are often time-poor people with hectic schedules – will appreciate flexibility when it comes to viewings. As long as the demands are not completely unreasonable, it would be a good move to try and appease buyers as much as possible. After all, good relations between buyer and seller increases the chances of a quick, hassle-free sale.


Be available


Delays of some kind are seemingly inevitable in all property sales. However, you can reduce the chances of the sale taking forever to complete by making sure you reply to any correspondence promptly and efficiently. Regular communication with your agent will keep you updated and help to keep your mind at rest that everything is being done to move things forward. Hold-ups can be immensely frustrating, but in these cases patience really is a virtue.