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Health and Safety legislation is always changing which makes keeping up to date and ensuring you are compliant is proving to be harder and harder. The onus to comply with Health and Safety falls to the person responsible for the property which could be the Freeholder, Directors of the Right to Manage Company, Residents Association or Managing Agents. It is important you if you are a person responsible for a property that you are fully aware of the health and safety risks associated with that property.

Once Oakfield are appointed to manage your property then we take on all responsibilities associated with health and safety legislation, this is just another example of where we take the day to day responsibilities associated with Block Management away from you.

The average property will require the following risk assessments to be compliant;

  • Fire Health and Safety
  • Electrical installation for the communal areas
  • Asbestos
  • Legionella
  • Electric Powered gates

The majority of risk assessments on a property have expiry dates and often detail improvements that need to be carried out to reduce any risks. As part of Oakfield’s management we would ensure that all risk assessments are kept up to date with new ones instructed when necessary and all action points addressed thus taking the onus off you and you can be sure that the property, in which you live, is health and safety compliant.