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“Buying Old versus New” (Part One)

Buyers tend to have fixed ideas about the style of home they would prefer to buy. Some would not buy anything but a “character home” whilst others prefer a brand new property. In this two-part article, we look at some…

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Getting Rentals Right

Just as anyone can open up an estate agency, so they can also start up a lettings business, without any training, experience or qualifications. This should concern landlords, because there is far more to the business than meets the eye.…

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Exam Success

We are delighted to announce a number of our staff have recently gained qualifications in their respective fields. As a company we pride ourselves on having experienced, qualified and knowledgeable staff who can provide our Clients with the best possible…

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Landlords Beware

Smart investors are keen to snap a bargain. However, whilst it is tempting to go out and buy, buy, buy – a word of caution because it night not be so easy to let, let, let. Finding a tenant is…

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