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Removal Planning

Despite the effort that goes into preparing a property for sale, many people overlook the impact of good removal planning, and often leave the packing to the last moment. Here are a few suggestions that we hope will help you…

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Deciding on Price (Part Two)

Establishing an accurate asking price that will optimise your chances of selling at the highest likely price within a reasonable timescale is both an art and a science, particularly during a time when buyers are especially price sensitive. Estate agents’…

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Market Comment – November 2017

This November has seen both an increase in interest rates and the abolition of SDLT (Stamp Duty) for first time buyers up to £300,000. Certainly the nominal 0.25% interest rate increase is unlikely to cause most homebuyers a problem. However,…

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Deciding On Price (Part One)

Whatever anyone might say about location, condition, proximity to schools, size, etc., it is the price at which a property is initially marketed that is the key to a successful sale. But emotions often cloud good judgement. The chance to…

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