October 2017

Landlords Beware

Smart investors are keen to snap a bargain. However, whilst it is tempting to go out and buy, buy, buy – a word of caution because it night not be so easy to let, let, let. Finding a tenant is…

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Touching Up

When the time comes to sell, you naturally want your property to look its best, but how far should you go in terms of presentation? Firstly, aim to understand how your property “sits” within the market. Not all buyers have…

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The Right Site

There are still some remarkably old-fashioned estate agents out there who believe that their website has perfectly connected them to the digital age. Yet, on closer inspection, some agents’ websites can actually alienate their customers. We spend a fortune on…

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We recently came across this poem about investing in property, and thought you might find it interesting. Once you have read it, and only then, take a look at the date of first publication. Makes you think! “PROPERTY INFLATION” I…

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