August 2017

A Quiet Word About Pets

Some homeowners spend thousands of pounds improving their property before going to market, yet they can be oblivious to issues that prospective purchasers could regard as glaringly off-putting. Sometimes we have to point out some home truths if we are…

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“VAT on Property Improvements”

The 20% VAT applied to most goods and services is a burden for the private individual. Whilst VAT-registered builders can reclaim the VAT spent on their purchase costs, most homeowners can not, adding significantly to the cost of improving your…

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WARNING! Up-front estate agency fees do not add up!

If you’re thinking of moving, beware of the latest ploy being used by some a number of desperate agents. It works like this. The agent advertises a surprisingly low commission to entice you, as a prospective seller, to invite that…

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Why Use a “Proper” Estate Agent?

In this article we look at why you should appoint a ‘proper’ Estate Agent and focus on the aspects of Compromise and Involvement – two factors that only a proper estate agent can deliver. Compromise. Experience shows that, more often…

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