June 2017

“What Property Ladder?”

  During the boom years, if you were minded to move house you simply got on and did so! Any delay in moving up in a rising market could prove expensive as the property you were buying would inevitably have…

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Election Special Market Comment

The unexpected hung parliament might appear to have once again cast a shadow over the housing market. Or maybe not! We know that the stability and strength proposed by Theresa May might not be delivered after all. But is that…

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What is a Covenant?

A covenant is a term you might hear when discussing a property during the conveyancing process. Covenants are a form of legal obligation that is binding on the owner of a property and passes from owner to owner whenever the…

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All Roses in the Garden?

Landlords often ask us what they should do about their garden and what they can reasonably expect of a tenant in terms of maintenance. Having a well-cared for garden can definitely help to attract good tenants, particularly if they arrive…

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