March 2017

Buying to Let Continued

As pension funds shrink, many people are considering buy-to-let as a viable alternative, and with good reason. The effect of low interest rates and a historically rising property market make buy-to-let one of the most attractive investments accessible to the…

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Should I Withdraw my Property following an Offer?

We are often asked by our clients whether they should withdraw their property from the market once an acceptable offer has been made. There are a number of angles on this subject which should be considered in the context of…

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Government Ignores Property Crisis

Wednesday’s budget was noticeable for the absence of any mention of the housing market. This oversight was met with derision from almost every organisation with an interest in the property sector. There has been a succession of housing ministers over…

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Enter the Spring

Spring is traditionally a time of change. Brighter and longer daylight hours make house-hunting easier for working people, and sellers naturally want their property to look its best. Job-hunters, who wanted to secure their Christmas bonus before seeking employment elsewhere,…

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