January 2017

Don’t be scared by the Legals

When you decide to move, you are probably focussed on the benefits you will enjoy from your new property, or the relief of finding a solution to some of the issues associated with the old one. It could be issues…

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Market report January 2017

Whilst many of us might have understandably had quite enough of Brexit/Trump inspired news, here is one aspect of these that is extremely reassuring in respect of the UK property market! Such tumultuous news, almost daily, with so many angles…

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Ask the expert

As you look through the pages of most property-related newspapers and magazines, you are likely to come across one survey or another that seeks to prove how various property improvements add a certain percentage to the value of a property.…

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The Meaning of Service

Most lettings agents see their role solely as a “purveyor of tenants”, and they pride themselves on their ability to find the right tenant for a property and to negotiate attractive terms for the landlord. But lettings agency has moved…

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